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Trade show Coventry

Hi folks, any one going to the P&D trade show? I am going on the Tuesday with a few friends if anyone wants to share a coffee and say hello?

yes i’ll be there Tues too

Hi Dave I haven’t been before, do you know what the set up is like…wheres a good place to meet?

I’m going to be on the MyPaintBrush stand; Stand 63 - drop by and say hello!

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The MyPaintBrush stand will be a local hangout for a few, located in the busy part of the show.

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Cool ,see ya there then, look forward to it.

I’m hoping to be there myself on both days.
1st stop My Paintbrush!


I’ve been promised chocolate at the My Paintbrush stand so that’s enough to get me there!

Drop by… I’m on the MyPaintbrush stand!

How long will it take you to get down to Coventry?

All in all about 22.5 hours if I get a good crossing.