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Traditional Painter Devon N Cornwall and Somerset

Hello All

I’m a decorator based in the South-West in Exeter. Great information (thanks) on here and have done a couple of kitchens recently and the odd bit of furniture too. Interested in doing more as another angle to the business. :smiley:



Hi James, welcome, dip your toes and share what you know when you can. Used to pass through Exeter regularly on my way to studying at what was then SDCAT the art college in Torquay. I learnt lots about the finer art side of life, and a bit about life as an interior designer. What was your training background, in Exeter?

Hi Andy - Thanks for the welcome, we like it down here, surprised you didnt stay! I dont have any formal training in decoration have learnt from working with a property maintenance company in my younger days and then have built on this knowledge on my own over the years. I am keen to train in the more traditional aspects and older styles of decoration however there does not seem anywhere to do it. I have recently joined the Dulux Select Decorator scheme and they do offer some training however it tends not to run round my way and generally doesn’t cover these areas.

Hi James,

I also know Exeter, for a short period many moons ago I was the regional manager and trainer for a company called The Plastic Surgeon based on Marsh Barton Trading Estate and Bovey Tracey. I too am Dulux Select and maybe be putting together some additional training with Pete Doyle. Enjoy TP and contribute as much as you like.

Cheers Russ

Hi Russ

Hopefully some of that training will get enough numbers down this way, did mention to Pete about doing 5 day blocks which included a few different areas may attract more people. Look forward to seeing the Spring schedule.