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Traditional Painter kitchens and furniture projects

Examples of Traditional Painter specialist work.

Only those listed here are official Traditional Painters, and are the only craftsmen on the site personally invited and recommended for Traditional Painter kitchen and furniture painting projects. They are identified by the logo in their avatar.

The specifications and processes and general approach seen here are a reflection of the work we do and the information we share openly on the main Traditional Painter website.

Techniques and products highlighted on the site have changed the way many professionals approach this area of the trade. Thanks for your interest and we will continue to keep ourselves and everyone else on their toes.

Why are we so open? One reason is that it is only fair to the paying public that they see what they should be getting for their money. Refurbishing a kitchen, for example, is not a matter of a knocking out a cheap and cheerful paint job. Kitchens are very costly installation, and we believe only the very best craft work will do on a painted kitchen. That implies time and skill, not short cuts .

This Kitchen was brand new and the client wanted it to be very much in the Clive Christian style.The specification was for very high durability and for that I used Tikkurila Otex adhesion primer followed by 3 coats of Tikkurila Empire.