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Traditional Painter Surrey, Tony Pearson-Young

Hi everyone

Thought I better introduce myself to you all. I’ve been in the trade since leaving school in '96 and I can say with hand on heart that I love my job. :slight_smile:

I love it even more now, as I am Tony 19, the 19th member of Traditional Painter, very proud and honoured I am too

I am also a Dulux Select Decorator and I even worked for Brewers for a while (a very little while) as a Technical/Sales Rep but once a painter, always a painter.

I look forward to chatting to you on here and learning from the wealth of knowledge and experience, everyday is a school day. And you never know I might be able to answer some of your questions!



Welcome Tony, its great to have you on board and Im sure you are gonna be a keen TP player! Can you answer this one for me: How do I stop my wife nagging at me for being on PC too much?

Cheers Russ

Pleased to welcome you Tony, look forward to reading your tips and answers.

Thanks Andy & Russ.

Russ you could always buy her an iPad so she doesnt have to wait for you to get off the computer, either that or a pair of headphones for yourself!