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Training courses

Hi there, The last time I Did any graining was at tech college for my city and guilds advanced. I would love to give it a go again and also marbling. Does. Any one know how I can get a advice. Does Dulux select have courses. Would. Love to do marbling, Thanks


Have a look in the Professional P&D mag: Walter Riley does a guest post most months on various graining and marbling effects and also runs courses. His details are in there.

A guy called Stuart McDonald used to do the Dec Effects training for Dulux Select (Brilliant Guy), not sure what they have planned this year!

Regards Russ

i work in the week so taking time off for college isnt possible.My local colleges dont run evening decorating courses and guilford in surrey only now run 2 daytime where it used to run a lot more.I am thinking of going on a able skills courses.

Saw the link on the last TP email for Russ Pike’s course on Nov 15th, but couldn’t see any details. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

Hi David,

The courses are being run by myself for and on behalf of Dulux Select Decorators but also open to non Select Decorators. They are supported and recognised by Mirka UK (Sanding machines & abrasives) & Konig UK (Specialist products for touch up & repair) at a number of colleges throughout the UK. The only dates I have released at present are Walsall College 04th September which is full and Lincoln College on 15th November, places still available.

The courses are an introduction into the art of cosmetic repair or S.M.A.R.T Repairs as I call them: Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques.
They provide a hands on 90% practical guide to repairing, scratches, chips and scrapes found on solid surfaces around the home.

Items such as Furniture, Laminate, Granite, Ceramic, UPVC inc woodgrain effect plus much more… You will learn how to repair or remove damage which may have been caused accidentally, by vandalism, during delivery or installation.

Its a great little skill set to learn and a niche specialism you could add to your business.

For more info on booking a course please contact:

Look forward to seeing you there



Thanks Russ, I’ve emailed Cheryl for more info, though I’m down in Reading and may wait for a Brighton course.

Out of interest, how much roughly might it cost to buy enough kit to offer the repairs you would teach?

That depends on how far you want to take it. Stage 1 of the training will be an introduction into S.M.A.R.T repairs followed by stage 2 and possibly stage 3, so its difficult to announce a set price for kit, Sorry I cant be more specific at the moment!

This is very interesting,
As decorators, we have to be, well,… Versatile! Especially In the way we manipulate materials & doing that in perhaps an unconventional way to achieve the desired effect/result.
I once saved a plumbers life, when he broke a basin pedestal - just to say that two pack &VW polar white, worked an absolute treat!!

It now seams there is a proper system that has been developed, which could be a great addition to the trick box?

Where are you based Aggie, I can let you know when a course comes up near you?


Highly recommend this training, cant wait for Levels 2 and 3!

[quote]Quote from Fresh on September 18, 2013, 19:54
Highly recommend this training, cant wait for Levels 2 and 3![/quote]

I think there will be queues when the time comes.

[quote]Quote from Prime Decoration on September 15, 2013, 21:31
Where are you based Aggie, I can let you know when a course comes up near you?


Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire. The nearest ‘city’ is (don’t laugh) Milton Keynes!