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Troublesome patch on wall

I need some advice from the more experienced members on here please. I have had to repaint one of the wall in my bathroom as I was not happy with the finish. Sadly, no matter what I try I cannot get rid of this troublesome patch on the wall. I call it a scab because it is making feel very sore now!

I have sanded and fill and sanded and fill but I always get this raised area on the wall. I have painted it using White Perma-white so I can show it to you guys. The white areas show as raised on the picture but I sand that back down until it is glass smooth. I then try the paint and low and behold the scab is there!! :rage:

I thought perhaps the centre was recessed but I checked and it isn’t. I can only think something in that area is badly reacting with the Perma-White. What sealer can I use to stop this? My wall should be Silver Grey tinted Perma-White

I hope someone can advise.


The Zinsser system for walls and ceilings in high moisture areas is;

Ready Patch
Bullseye 1-2-3 Primer Sealer
Perms-White Interior

(Get the Zinsser App and there is a full breakdown on that)

Hope that this helps?


Hi Martin

Thanks for the reply. I tried the sealer and it wouldn’t stop it. The wall looked like it had ring worm or those fairy rings you see on lawns. I sanded it back and there was a patch about 50cm x 40cm where the previous owner ( have learned he is Bodging World Champion) has filled with a very dark plaster, I am not sure if he used sharp sand or there was some contamination but it was definitely the cause.

I just decided to bite the bullet and took a chisel to the patch. I removed it back to lighter plaster and then filled it myself. I am just in the process of flattening it and hopefully my woes are over.

It’s all good experience and I will know next time what to do.


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Hi Dave good to see you back here again.

I have added you recent question here where the topic has been running.



Well I am back after months of ill health. I have a troublesome wall
which I mentioned in my bathroom wall post. Permawhite just doesn’t
cover well enough on this wall and I cannot get a decent coverage. Is
there a latex primer/sealer I could use which can cover the more
troublesome patches?

The Bullseye, while not my favourite primer, if applied over the whole wall should give you a very solid and even base (maybe 2 coats for absolute belt and braces). The topcoats, if the same colour, shouldn’t have to work at all hard to cover.

In a bind, if nothing is working, I would bring out oil-based primer sealer (aka alkali resisting primer) to seal this problem patch and even out the whole wall. Not the greatest for fumes, it is horrible stuff, but that is a last resort get out of jail card.


Hi Andy

Thanks for moving this to the old post…I was having a senile moment :blush:

I phoned Tor Coatings (Zinsser) and had a very useful chat with one of their technical guys. He says it is probably due to the older plaster and possibly some of the new is too smooth and may not be allowing the paint/primer to adhere properly. That would make sense because certain areas, especially the bad ones, do tend to peel off very easily!

He suggested I wipe down with methylated spirits allow it to dry and then paint Gardz on. This when dry should allow the Permawhite to adhere correctly and cover well.

Any thoughts on this approach would be most welcome.


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Crown do a good alkali resisting primer.cheers

Hi to all

Have a look at this picture! I have been told by my consultant to abstain from any physical work at the moment so this bl**dy wall is still staring at me. Anyway, this morning my daughter had a hot shower and kept the door and windows closed. The air vent is working and it does clear but when I went in later the “fizzing” was there for all to see!

It’s a nightmare!


Are we looking at gardz fizzing here?



No, I haven’t done anything yet apart from clean the wall with Meths about 3 days ago ready for the other work. After seeing my consultant he asked me to wait slightly longer before undertaking any physical work. Perhaps my daughter sprayed her perfume on the wall? :stuck_out_tongue:


Remind me not to buy any perfume like that ! Let us know how it peels off, sure looks like a coating not filler.

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She’s out for the day but I will certainly check which perfume she uses and then avoid it myself! :open_mouth:

Okay so I could not resist having a look at this damn wall! I spread some Fluxaf Pro on a patch and then started to scrape it off. Beneath the layers of paint I have found a waxy like substance, I guess it is a resin or similar. I think it is that which is causing a lot of the issues because where it is poorly covered it seems to be interacting with the new coatings.

I’ve ordered some Peel Away 1 from Rest Express as the Fluxaf Pro will not touch this stuff!

I have customised the crevice tool on my Festool Midi with some insulating tape and an Axus scraper. It works like a charm sucking up the paint as it comes off!

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After months I have finally finished this damn wall. Obviously illness interrupted so I could not go full time but it was still a task. Here is how I finally sorted it.

I applied the Peelaway 1 system, painted on the product, covered with the blanket and left it for 12 hours. I then removed the blanket, scraped away the residue and was virtually back to bare plaster. There was a weird wax type coating, perhaps a resin and it was hard to remove.

When I did finally remove it, the wall looked like crazy paving with scabs all over it. I filled and sanded with Toupret TX110 in the really bad patches. The Festool RTS400 was very handy in this situation. I then sanded all over to remove any resin left. Next was the neutraliser which I had to apply and allow 6 hours drying time. First time up it was still acidic so I applied more neutraliser.

I wiped off the wall with meths, then applied Zinsser Gardz in a test patch. Success, it dried and when painted with Zinsser Permawhite tinted Silk Grey it was looking good. No patches, no fizzing so Gardz on the rest of the area and more Permawhite.

I now have two coats of paint on and it looks good, my wife is delighted.

I recommend Gardz, it is very good!


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I wonder if that waxy stuff was some kind of adhesive someone used to stick something on the wall in the past - a mirror maybe? It could be all the stuff you’ve been putting on to try and cover it just reactivated it.

Anyway glad you solved it in the end - that’s an expensive patch of wall you have now. You should put a frame round it :wink:


Thanks for the feedback and well done for persevering. What with the bayonet and the Peelaway, I can’t think there is much else left to choose from in the preparation tool chest.

What do you have your eye on next? :eyes:

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Hi i take it your using the scraper on wall ,not ceiling how did the peel away work?

Darlic…The peelaway was brilliant. Just ensure you get the correct version as it varies on the type of paint you are removing.

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Darlic…The peelaway was brilliant. Just ensure you get the correct version as it varies on the type of paint you are removing.

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how long contact time did it take before it removed paint.


I am sorry for the slow reply my friend, I have been away. I had to leave mine overnight as the first test patch with 2 hours as suggested on the pack as the least amount of time didn’t get it all off. I left overnight and next morning it all came over easily.


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