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Tungsten Carbide Stripping Tools - Shaped one available?

Hi there, following on from my post on wood stripping of old Mahogany and Oak. Ordered my Fluxaf and bits and pieces.

I have a Harris tungsten carbide stripping tool with replaceable blades. Working a treat on straight and outer radius curves. However of course no use on inner radius’s.

Are there any curved or special tools available to strip old varnish, lacquer etc? If so where might I get them form please. I’m sure I’ve seen pictures of this sort of thing but not a clue what called…where to get or how much they might cost.

Advice and pointers would be great - many thanks

Hamilton to a strippng tool with a variety of interchangeable tungston blades, the curved ones are great for fluted architraves. They are widely available, I know that Brewers stock them. Hope this helps.


Hi Tony and many thanks for taking the time to reply. Yes that looks absolutely to be the one we need.

I found a few organisations in the US who done them but of course the shipping is quite a bit. I found this which is a bit similar:

Also the suggestion to use Fluxaf and a wire brush has also been working very very well.

But I reckon that one you pictured above with a curved blade is definitely worth a go. I;'m going to look it up and order one to try. Given that I am 99% sure we are going to do the entire house now…not just the mantle, it will be money well spent. Many thanks for the advice and will let you know how we get on. Cheers

You can also try [Bahco] i have used them alot in the past for stripping back.

Thanks Ben.

Given we have a huge amount to do, I’ve ordered the Hamilton one with the various blade shape/options and the Bahco ones in the same equivalent. I’m also going to order one of of their larger flat ones as well…less to compare in that instance but I’m hoping to get Mrs. Amateurhour on the job as well.

But will be interesting to see how they compare. In looking for both I saw a lot of ‘cabinet scrapers’ highlighted in the catalogs. Would these be any use doing large skirting lengths and flat 4 panel oak doors?

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For stripping a lot of flat panelling, I highly recommend the Bahco or Hamilton version with wide blades and the additional (removable) handle attachment at the blade end. Even Popeye needs a helping hand after a while and that extra control saves damaging the surface.

Was going to say the same as Andy.

Yes its the one I’ve ordered Andy … the Hamilton one I have and am currently using does not have the control handle but has been very effective. I can;'t really loose but ordering the second one as there will be two of us hopefully using.

And the shaped ones I’ve done the same. There does appear to be a much wider range of options and tools in the US market that we done get to see ordinarily. Not necessarily better but a lot more variation.

And yes for localized muscle development, these things are good…trouble is only in the right hand shoulder!

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