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Upvc to plaster caulking

Has anyone found a good solution to caulking between the paster walls and Upvc frames as I suspect the expansion and contraction of the frames, particularly in sunlight causes the unsightly cracking of whatever I have used in the past. As I will be redecorating the kitchen in the not too distant future I would like to get this one cracked.

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Hi thanks for posting, I have used Den braven caulk for years, never had a problem, the only thing i would say,being a kitchen,paint over to stop it going yellow.

Thanks for that, I’d not heard of Den Braven before so I’ll get some. It’s always better when you get a recommendation from someone in the trade who rates it.

Very good product,i caulk all ceiling lines skirting ,boards doors,theres a lot of movement in houses,so its future proofing your work.But its not just the caulk,a good gun ,application,and,cloth to keep finger clean and smooth out.