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Use masking tape to paint a straight line to ceiling

I am going to be painting a ceiling,i was wondering once its been painted to get a straight line on the ceiling is it OK to go around with a delicate tape,so i can get a straight line when i apply the colour emulsion and how long would it be best to leave the paint to dry,

don’t wont to lift of the ceiling paint, would say a day be enough to leave,

is this the way a pro would do it, i find even with a Wooster brush cutting in very slow process,

are there any more pro ways to do this. :)thanks guys 8-).

hi darlic
if the ceiling has plaster coving applied the cutting along the coving line is not a problem with coloured molly.( but of course you need a steady hand and a good brush ,I use 2/3in Picasso) if the ceiling line is a normal one. the line between ceiling and wall is not never perfectly straight.its up to the decorator to achieve a professional finish. if you want to use tape such as low tack blue axus, this would be very time consuming and you cant be sure of a perfectly even line. its really trail an error…and of course experience…NEVER HURRY A DECORATING JOB.SPEED IS NOT EVER AN ISSUE WHEN DOING YOUR OWN WORK…THATS MY MANTRA…PRICE THE JOB RIGHT AND IT WONT BE A FIGHT AGAINST TIME…HAPPY NEW YEAR… THATS MY ADVICE.

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If you are intending to apply tape to emulsion it’s well worth priming with Cover Stain or a decent hybrid acrylic primer prior to painting. You are totally at the mercy of previous paints as to wether they are adhered or not. If it’s primed where the tape is going it helps to lock down previous paint, to a point, and helps whatever is underneath stay stuck as tape us pulled. It’s even worth priming new plaster if you intend to tape.

Taping the walls would be easier than taping the ceiling. I sometimes paint the trim, tape and cover with masking film then do the walls. Finally tape the ceiling line with a masking machine 1" low tack tape and 12" paper (or masking film) then paint the ceiling last. I only tend to do it this way if the room has coving or I am spraying.

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As for the flaking i sanded,then skimed with fine surface filler,as when i put the cover stain on you could see imperfection in ceiling where paint had come of,once filler sanded,spot prime two coats of emulsion.

Personally I think you should continue without tape to get your lines / speed up - if you are working with older walls / ceilings think about using Caulk to help even out some of the imperfections and allow your brush to cut straighter. I recommend The Hippo Pro 3 product - pricey but way worth it IMO

Hi folks i have applied gardz to coving and painted,wondering whether i should have applied
coverstain i am looking to achieve perfect straight lines,we do this on skirting s /door frames.
going to use 14 day low tak tape any thoughts.

Hi folks taped up a ceiling with kleenedge low tack tape,painted the ceiling with zinerser 5,in one ceiling paint,left blowers on and taped next day,leaving good time for drying,when taping didnt push down tape,when it came to removing,it took a few areas of artex of,sometimes,you just have to
give up.Used the tx110,mixed up and blended in with my artexing brush,looks fine,but how best can we avoid theses situtions?