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Using diamond matt or equivalent on bare plaster

Hi guys I applied thinned dulux supermatt to bare plaster.then applied dulux diamond matt on top.someone later mistakenly put masking tape on top which only lifted the diamond matt.
So is it better to use diamond or equivalent directly on bare blaster

Have you thought about using Gardz on bare plaster?

Dulux SuperMatt is exactly right for new plaster - or any contract (non vinyl) matt. Gardz is for flaking surfaces, like a stabilising solution

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Gardz also has a role for evening out patched / different porosity surfaces.

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Cheers guys why did the tape just pull the diamond matt off the supermatt and not all the coats off the plaster. Does this say that the thinned diamond matt is better going straight on the plaster ?

Hi Chris . No I’d definitely use the super Matt or contract equivalent first . I’ve got a job next week that is new plaster and I will first coat with super leytex them I’m trying eico paint that I’ve had sent from ray munn paints and interiors . Pure acrylic emulsion and very hard wearing

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Has anyone tried owatrol emulsa bond?