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Using Fluxaf Green to strip paint from wooden door

Well using this stuff to strip a door,i found the best way to get the best results was to leave overnight,its a slow process,put dust sheet down then newspaper on top,so bits of paint could be screwed up and thrown in bin,and off course sheet on inside door.I also have a facial board to do,but flowers very close so i think i will cover with a plastic sheet,i was going to use a jet wash,and waterproof tape around edges to stop water getting inside house,has anyone tried this method,what floor protection would they recommend for pathway,any tips and help much appreciated,would i recommended :smiley: you bet. :expressionless: :stuck_out_tongue:

Were you using the Fluxaf Super? That is designed to act slowly. Let it do the work :slight_smile: It doesn’t require covering in plastic. It was developed for the French market, stripping paint from stone facades in the summer. Slow to evaporate.

You say you are power washing the fascias? Presumably you are trying to clean them? What are they made of?

Thanks Andy its fluxaf green,Works really well,when left 24hours,but its a waiting game,what i was saying about using a jet wash on the door if i put waterproof tape around frame to stop water coming through and keep close eye on it,and if there was carpet inside put plastic tape down just in case anything did get in,as for my facial boards there asbestos,but don’t need stripping,any recommendations,what do you think about running sealant along edge off facial when painted,what undercoat gloss do you think will be best.