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Valuable learning resources

Hi folks,what have you learned from traditional painter,or jack Paughl,or any specalist dvds,or lessons when your out on site painting ,or dealing with customers? Would be very interesting to hear your feedback?

Hi folks, my learning on Tp started in 2013,but was a keen painter many years before that. I think Andy’s goal was to up standards in the industry and train up a few virtual apprentices and he acheived that.What did i learn,have you got all evening?Will update on next post.

Are you a decorator looking to learn more? This post will be excellent for you. Maybe your an apprentice, looking to get some info then go out and practise in a room, on a few doors or lining paper, but anyway good for you, you have come to the right place.Tp should be your bible of the trade, but there are, other resources worth investing some time studying and practising. I will add a list of books/dvds/forums.

Subjects Wallpapering
wood finishing
Fine furniture finishing
Paint chemistry
Master painting
List of forums /dvd /book recommendations to follow soon

You go to college, the teacher will put you in a cubical, your be stripping paper preparing walls, and hanging paper.I enjoyed college, my teacher said i was an above average student, I was fuelled with passion. In them days we didn’t have internet as wildly i as it is avaible now. I think they did have it in some parts of college, but not in the decorating class, a real shame.Anyway the teacher would do a demonstration, in front of class, then you would have to do it.Any student, looking to learn should look Jim parodi,this guy is in a masterclass of his own, very good teacher to learn from, he doses dvds theses are the bibles of the trade,then get a room at home and start practasing.

Now get yourself some wallpaper, lets get stuck in, and talk about practice,wheither with wallpaper, brush skills roller skills extra.Update soon

Practise areas
Shed with plasterboard (wallpaper/paint)
An artist board with sockets on.(Wallpaper/paint)
A small room, with lots of awkward areas(paint/wallpaper)
Lining paper or cardboard (brush/spray)
Wall (skimming/filling)
Going around with dry roller practising as if you were painting room.
Taking doors of (spraying)
Doors (Swedish putty toupret gras lacquer fine finish)
Cornice coving(Painting cutting in skills)
As you can see i have tried many things, I am sure others could add to it.This post will be of use to students.

Before we get into more maybe it might be worth talking about how best you learn? Although I enjoyed college, it was a taster, today there’s fast track courses, forums like this DVDs, lots of videos on YouTube, going out with a pro.I remember years ago going out with a very good decorator, I was expecting to see the smoke come of the brush, but wasn’t the case, he said on the painting you would be fine, he even offered, if i got the work we would go in together. For me i learn best late evenings,/weekends, focus on a couple hours,wheither studying data sheets, or hands on. I wouldn’t do to well in a class i enjoy working on my own. My son was the opposite he enjoyed working in a class, or working with others, but wasn’t to good on the study, he left that to me, but did practise.

Next part, will build a list of books, I would consider bibles of the trade, for any student looking to learn, theses books will pay for themselves many times over. List coming soon.

Book list
Painters handbook
The anatomy of colour
introduction to paint chemistry
Sticking together the science of adhesion
Paint film defects there causes and cure
More to follow soon

For learning, anyone wanting to master the brush or roller,spraying,filling ,caulking,jp is your
man don’t think there’s a better guy out there

Got some new DVDs coming, theses are specialist, Mohawk woodwork, will keep everyone post. I am quiet confident theses will be a treasure chest dripping with knowledge.