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Van fleets ,valeting

If you cant take care of the small stuff, how can you take care of the big stuff. This post will be for valeting, product selection, tips.We will get photos on.

Areas to cover
What you will need
Product selection/data sheets
No the weakness and strength in products
Scratch removal/colour sanding
Where to start joining up the dots
Removing paint overspray
And much more

Tools needed
Car cleaning brush
Large Bucket
Hi tech flexi water blade
Autoglym auto gloss
Wash and wax, for coloured paint powermax have a wash and wax, that almost provides a streak free finish.
Wheel acid/Brush’s
Sponge /duct
Jet wash or hose.
Ladder for roofs/pad ends
Non caustic trf
Magic erasers
This is going to be a massive undertakings.

Jet wash
Winter months wrap in coat
Get a pressure wash cable with extension and not to heavy
Drain of jet wash
Have a back up

Next part
Removing paint overspray
This can be very tricky
I have used tape, on smooth plastics, making sure you don’t touch the paintwork.
Window cleaning scraper for glass.
Carbon steel replacement blade ,on plastics, paint.
Clay bar
More to follow with photos

Depending where overspray is ,lets say its on a wingmirror you cold put wing mirror cover over, if the plastic is textured, you can bet the overspray will be in the pores of plastic, if high adhesion tape dosent work,might be best,use a dye like forever black, to hide.If its on windsceen,i would use a window scraper, not compound,as it could cause problems with windscreen wipers.Theres a book in this subject, if its on a door handle, clay bar,or otherwise a carbon Steele blade, with light pressure.More to follow.