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Varnish for vinyl graphics/and signwriting

Hi folks a few questions, what varnish would you recommend to go over vinyl graphic?could it be tinted to a colour say black?what roller would you recomend,and,to remove silicones,i take it krudcutter or virosol?They use varnishing in the print industry as well as boat signwriting, artists
also use it.i will see if i can post some photos,so you can see what i am trying to achieve.For me
fussy blokes rollers produce a lovely finish but is there anything out there better.cheers

I used to work in printing (I still do supply for some clients) and supplied a few vinyl lettered signs in my time. Never had request to varnish over vinyl lettering.
Most often these days vinyl lettering is stuck on to foamex board or similar. Sometimes I have seen it on wood and would just use a high quality yacht type varnish in this instance.
I recently moved to to direct to board printing for my signage, no faffing with vinyl peeling off after a period of time.

Silicones can be a bugger to remove, I find acetone the best although it depends on what substrate the silicone is on.

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Thankyou useful info,my idear was to tint varnish to colour of graphic, to hide slight imperfections.