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Verbal quotes, no?

A local painter and decorator told me they give verbal quotes to customers, often over the phone. What?! It’s not that I distrust people, but there is way too much can go wrong with that approach. They were fixed prices, mind, not ballparks, even worse!

didnt know mistic meg was a decorator…

I never give quotes to anyone, written or verbal I only give out estimates. Got caught out once, never again.

I will sometimes give a guesstimate over the phone but will always take an email address to put into writing. This not only gives me a record but also negates any future issues with what was said and what was involved for the money.

I always give written estimates so everyone know what work is going to be done, what materials will be used and of course he estimated cost which 9.9 times out of 10 is the price invoiced.
The price only goes up if more work is requested, more materials are used for whatever reason, more work involved for example rotten wood need repairing. But all extra costs are discussed at the time.
I think everything has to be written down to protect both parties.

Only two kinds of business give verbal quotes like that,
Ones that tarmac drives and ones charging a grand too much.
Both of whom play a numbers game.
One in twenty of those enquiries won’t get other quotes and will agree to the first trademan who gives them a definite number. They will then do the bare minimum required to complete that job and wait for the next. They aren’t invested in the job, they’ll just walk away if it turns out they underquoted or they’ll simply charge more.
If I don’t hear about one of these a week I’m surprised.