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Very Best Glass/Paint Scraper

Evening all, have used my plastic cheapo window scrapers for years on end but latest one met it’s end about an hour ago.

Keep to get a top quality new one and one without plastic and ideally in stainless steel to do the honorable environmental thing. But of course one that works really well … better than my old Range ones.

Ideas? Suggestions very gratefully received as always.

Something like the scraper pictured in this olde article would see you out.

Stanley piece metal scraper,ace,i use on glass, bodywork and to remove graphics or stickers.

Ahh have got one of those as it goes Andy … thought was a little large for window glass use and tends get a bit clubbed on stripping walls but I guess with a clean new blade it would work fine.

Was looking at a smaller unit but with a good build quality like this one … but I don’t know if is any good …

My previous one which worked well in fairness but blade retainers sprain after heavy use …

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You mean this sort of thing Jason? …

The yellow ones are good as well, I have two in orange, if its water based paint, you could use a magic eraser, test with meths to see if its waterbased you will soon no.

What’s a magic eraser Jason?

No I’m using oil based externally (on this project) … 2 coats prime & 2 coats gloss over wood, glazing bars and glass sealed units. Then use a straight edge and a Stanley knife with a carbide blade to score a straight line, then use the cheapo scraper (also with a carbide blade) to scrape up to the line … forms a beautiful straight edge and seal to the glass.

As I say the only problem being the plastic ones sprain all too easy. Guess is no surprise for under £2.00. But trying to dump the plastic and go with a high quality ‘keep for life’ job.

There’s a few around … was just trying see if folks had a ‘go to’ product rather than more step up products. I’ve ordered that Excel product pictured above. Is cheap enough to have a play.

But still curious what magic eraser is? Cheers

Hi look at it as a piece of fine sandpaper,its melamine foam, great for many things,ie remove scuffs from upvc windows, even adhesive once you have removed a sticker, remove marks from grp,or light,waterscale on glass, to marks on plastics,to dried waterbased paint on tiled floors. If you want to give it that extra bite, use with krudcutter,or vitrosol.Hope that answers your question.

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absolute best thing you can spend your money on is the Olfa window scraper, makes everything else seem like a toy

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Hi there, just been having a search for that but can only find the blades.

Would you have a link for that JK?

Appreciate the steer.


Copy that into eBay and you should find one. I was very happy with mine!


Got it, top stuff. Like the look of that.

Having ordered the one earlier I’m still nevertheless treating myself to one of those. Looks the business. I still continue be impressed and amazed at how you can upgrade your materials and equipment.

Again many thanks for the suggestion. order going in, will let you know how I get on.

All the best

Ok, now that is a glass scraper!

The Excel one I bought I was pleased with but the Olfa is incredible. And genuinely time saving.

It’s well built, comfortable and a pleasure to use. Think it will eat blades and they are a tad more pricey but not a problem.

It’s still plastic built but good quality plastic rather than single use and will last years.

A great suggestion. Really impressed with the Olfa and would echo the recommendation to anyone considering it. Many thanks JK.

Haha perfect! Your welcome.

I’m glad your happy with the suggestion. I was very impressed when I got mine. Although it seems pricey at the time, it’s a no brainer when you see how much time you save!

And just a side note - all the olfa stuff is top notch for cutting.

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Think mine came in at £15 inc shipping. In the grand scale of things what’s £15? Two bottles of modest price wine. I’ll be spending that in about an hour at Sainsburys :slight_smile:

But it’s exactly as you say … the time saved.

And for me as a keen amateur trying get best result possible and with some learning, it’s perfect. I don’t have to worry about unit cost or time in the grand scheme of things where you guys doing to to make a living the cost is understandably important. But again time I’d imagine the biggest component of cost in fact?

Yeah I’d going to take a look at the other Olfa stuff. Too many years in I’m understanding the beauty of right tools for right job. :slight_smile:

Cheers again

I second @JKirbyDecor about Olfa. The Sharks fin I first reviewed back in 2011 is still as good today as it ever was.