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Wagner XVLP 5000 - early review

Hi all

I am giving some feedback on my Wagner XVLP 5000 after using it several times during lockdown.

First, I am new to spraying for decorating, I did some car spraying with a traditional “old-time” sprayer and have tried to move some of that experience into this sphere. I welcome all comments from the more experienced sprayers on here and admit I am still learning as I go.

I like the design of the unit; there is the central turbine unit, a removable hose which connects in turn to different guns, and the spray guns themselves. The turbine is light and portable so moving between areas is easy.

In the kit, you get a standard spray and a Fine Finish gun. I managed to get a Wall Spray Gun as I wanted to spray some walls. The supplier said the standard spray works with emulsion, and I confirm it does, but you will require some dilution to achieve a decent finish. That is why I went with a wall spray version, which does work well. I will try and explain it a bit more later in this post.

The gun has two control settings. On the front dial, you select the product flow, levels one up to twelve. On the rear, there is the airflow control, which runs from one to ten. I will later add some of my settings. The nozzle offers a vertical or horizontal pattern, together with a width setting of the pattern from narrow to wide.

Okay, so this was purchased for doors, ornate woodwork, panels, and stair spindles, to name a few. However, I wanted it for small walls and my hope it would handle both. I am pleased to say it does!

The gun has a 1.4-litre pot for the wallspray gun and a 1-litre pot for the other guns. I will say now; I wouldn’t say I like the 1.4 version; it is plastic and not the easiest to clean. The smaller pots are stainless steel and more comfortable to clean. On this point, the whole gun setup can feel heavy when you have to hold it up for an extended period.

I used Anti-Reflex 2 from Tikkurila and sprayed a small ceiling. I mentioned this in a previous post. I made a few errors, but overall it was an excellent finish and far more relaxed than brushes and rollers. I diluted the paint on that first attempt, but I have resprayed it using paint only. It was even better, so it was a lesson learned. I used product flow and air at seven.

I then took some Tikkurila Optiva 5 and used around 2% water dilution. The first coat looked awful, and I admit I felt annoyed and disappointed. My wife had a look, and she reassured me it was not too bad. I agree she was correct when the paint dried; it flattened beautifully. The surface now appeared more acceptable. In the afternoon, it was warmer, and the Optiva needed no dilution. I completed the room and had a few dodgy moments.

  1. Do not leave the gun with the product in for more than five minutes.
  2. Ensure the front nozzle ring does not work loose, which can happen when you switch between horizontal and vertical patterns.

If the nozzle becomes clogged, you will get sporadic spraying and too much paint in one place. It happened on a couple of occasions, but Optiva 5 is forgiving and, I avoided a problem.

If the ring works loose, you will get air after the nozzle, and paint will splatter the surface. I keep a small fine nap roller and use it to clear any splatters. Do this first, while the paint is fresh, it worked for me! If you have this issue, stop using the gun, remove the ring, including nozzle and clean both. Only then can you resume spraying.

For Optiva 5 I used ten on product flow and five on air. It worked perfectly, and I am pleased with the finish.

One word of caution, the hose is a large diameter, and while it does move freely, it does push forward when you are working low down. I was close to ruining the finish but managed to spot it in time. That is a minor gripe, and it would not deter me from recommending the sprayer.

I have ordered some Caparol NAST primer and satin paint together with the Caparol NAST gun for woodwork. NAST should give near mist free spraying, and I will test that and leave a review. The courier has just delivered it!!

I will try and add to this review as I continue on my learning curve.

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Excellent info, thanks for taking the time to share that with us.

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