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Wallpaper job

This job is stripping embossed paper,picture enclosed,any help appreciated, i adviced customer usual attention to detail plastic tape,masking tape along edge off carpet and newspaper,on edge so can screw paper up when it falls,would
charge customer hourly rate,wanted to stay on side off caution,not overcharge,
but not undercharge,with embossed paper is it one off the harder papers to remove.Advised customer,if the walls are bad to re plaster,if not,we can fill and seal with zinerser gardin if i am correct,and off cause i cant see unforeseen circumstance that i will put in writing with price,as for tools own a wallpaper stripper,scrappers,any other top kit i should by.On hall there’s tiled floor whats the best protection,i thought a sheet off cardboard,or even lining paper.:smiley: . :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

You are on the right track. That paper looks like you can take the face off and soak the back, who knows whats underneath.

If plaster walls need re-skimming then you have the option to keep the job going and skim it yourself with Toupret TX120 and buff with a sander. Dry next morning and will take 2 coats, done.

Andy if you skim with Toupret, which you’ve mentioned before, how do you go about it? Do you need plastering skills and a big trowel??

Hi David

here is the run down of skimming walls for painting and a thread here

It is a skill applying with a blade, the more you do the easier it gets. I had a plasterer try it and he applied it with hawk and trowel and not surprisingly he was very fast. Once buffed with the CEROS, (thats your ticket to a good finish) the paint will take really well to the Toupret compared to conventional plaster.

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HI folks looked at this job this evening could this type of wallpaper be emulsioned,why I have doubts it has a funny smooth texture ,that I would think the emulsion would have trouble sticking to.Have thought about
Using zinerser cover up .cheers

Hi . I’m new on here . But been in trade for 17 years . That paper can defiantly be painted . Done it many times . Coat of zinnser wallpaper sealer then 2/3 coats of good quality emulsion an ur away .

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Welcome to the site gary look forward to your posts cheers jason

Hi I am on a job now the rooms been lining papered,walls were covered in smoke,cleaned of with sugur soap what stainblocker would be best for that .cheers again

Bins 123 spot prime any really damaged areas an then give all walls and ceiling a coat . U will find this will seal the walls well for ur lining 2 . Just make sure it’s dryed out before papering