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Wallpaper repair

Hello everybody,
I have been asked to repair a ceiling that has has some water damage. The paper is peeling back along one of the seams and there are a few brown marks here and there. I was thinking about cutting out a square piece of damaged paper and pasting another bit in. Will have to paint the ceiling aswell. So, any advice gratefully recieved (as usual!). Like, how long should I wait to paint after pasting? Will I need prime the patch with something? Which filler would you suggest for my seams?
Thanks guys.

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Have you got a photo of the ceiling please? The reason I ask is that unless there is some mitigating circumstance, you may be better off all round removing the ceiling paper, letting the ceiling dry fully, use Beeline Primer Sealer or Gardz and repapering and painting. Cutting out bits of paper may work, it may not. It may be quick, it may be a waste of your time and your customer’s money.

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I do have a photo Andy. I will try and post it now.