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Wallpaper stripping job

This job is coming up lady wants hall wallpaper removed,the last time i done this was removed artex from wall.Do i use a steamer,or chemical,whats the best wallpaper stripper,what do people think off zinerser dif.As for stripping i guess there’s,no choice plastic tape on carpets is there a alternative,i will get my boy to lay newspaper around edges,so when paper comes off it can be screwed up and binned.As for using a steamer is there any good ones on market,or are they best left alone,as for electrical sockets i will work away from would it be wise to tape around edges,stop any drips running into them if that’s possible,or am i worrying to much.I really need all the tips,tricks i can get.

Floor protection you’ve done , try spiking the walls with the roller spike tool and use garden pump spray with warm water and some Zinsser dif and allow to soak in well, if the plaster is sound (do the knock test) you could get a steam stripper on to speed things Along, but only have the steam plate on for the minimum of time , maybe ten seconds or so, and with a wide blade strip of systematically working in columns from the skirting up the wall,go cautiously and carefully to avoid plaster cracking. Paper stripping is one if the very few times I charge day rate as it can be so variable, especially woodchip!

When you ask about stripping paper, can you give us a clue what it is! That makes a lot of difference.

If you tape some thin plastic roll (600 wide say) to the skirting that will be a simpler and easier “catch all” for the scrap wallpaper, roll up at end, no problems.

Always let the water do the work. Within reason there isn’t any reason why you couldn’t keep on soaking paper till it falls off. For ease of use and speed, there is a point before that though where the paper is soaked enough to come off very easily with a scraper.

As with all additives, add if you need them. Experience quickly tells you which approach is best. Default is hot water, a very effective free solvent. Make water “stronger” with Fairy liquid to get it to stay on the wall longer, so it can soak longer. If all else fails, then go with DIF to break down the glue enzymes.

Water sprayed on wallpaper through an airless, that’ll work too.

Steam strippers, if you want. Personally never owned one, hired a few and overall I view them as just one more thing to go wrong.

Stripping glossed wood chip, yummy. Stick with painted kitchens :slight_smile:

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I would do as Andy suggests, cant bit a drop of mild green fairy liquid… and its kind to your hands you know? Biggest brush you can handle, I always use my big 7" wallop brush and work in sections of approx 2M2: Soak a section and strip a section work across the wall. I would use a paper tiger: and the Olfa stripping scraper: they also do a flexible blade, As for steam strippers, use at your own peril, can cause more damage then they’re worth!
Kill the electrics at the box to be on the safe side, I learnt the hard way years back and got treated to a Rod Stewart hair do whilst stripping paper, it does tickle a bit!

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Garden sprayer is good, I used dif and it’s good stuff. Steam if you have to but not too much as you can seriously wreck old plaster walls . Paper tiger is good but again don’t go crazy less you’ll be filling every millimeter of the wall with your caulk board and easy fill!

I have a hall way stairs and landing job coming up,the hall is hard floor ,so thought use 1400 grade lining paper, on landing, use plastic tape and for stairs a dust sheet, but your idear plastic on a roll, taped to the skirting used on the stairs could be a better solution, the only thing puts me off using plastic tape is when it gets wet will make the surface slippery any feedback folks,i have bought dif,and zinnerser tiger.

If you are concerned about slipping, simply put a good quality dust sheet down, ontop of the protective plastic.

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