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Wallpapering corners

I am curious how forum members go about wallpapering internal corners where the paper is a matching pattern?

Hi Dazco,
with any wallcovering you would always cut the wallcovering to the corner and allow about 5mm to tuck round the corner, Matching or plain and then hang from the corner matching the pattern and making sure the wallcovering is level, some times you might need to trim the wallcovering into the corner depending on how sq the corner is


What Paul said… PCB is the Master - none better at slinging wallpaper in my opinion!

I find wallpapering very interesting and always look forward to a job where I will be putting some up. I also find it interesting watching others methods of hanging wallpaper. Youtube videos I have seen are pretty poor and mostly American, so not many tips or new methods to pick up. Kinda wish some English guys would pop a few vids up


Would be awesome if some of the UK guys made a few videos of their paper hanging techniques and tips to help us new guys learn new skills needed to be a master paper slinger :smile:

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I found that learning to wallpaper is the same as learning to use a PC. You can see, read, watch and listen forever, but doing it and repeating it under the watchful eye of an expert is really the most practical way ahead. Apprenticeships and learning with experts, the old school approach I guess.

Using digital methods for education, where the video is running while a teacher does and the world wide web of students watch, to my mind is the big hole in the idea of online education. Learning and teaching is a 2 way experience, where the teacher should be reacting to what the student says or does too, and vice versa. Youtube doesn’t really cut it as a learning tool for craft skills, it is a demo tool, or a learn in isolation tool.

My suggestion is for you to turn your request for the experts to do all the proactive stuff, on its head. Video yourself hanging a type of wallpaper as best you can. Post it up here for others to look at and give you tips and pointers for you to apply the next time you hang that wallpaper. And the next wallpaper and the next.