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Wallpapering everything in one area

Hi folks this post will be invaluable whether sealing /stripping or papering,paste selection,everything in one area.

I think with this subject start at the beginning, first of all, get yourself a practise area, and some tools, I will add a list and photos, soon.

Hi folks i think what i will do, is get some sample pieces of wallpaper, then start a discusion,where to use and best ways to strip when time comes. This post will be from basic to advance,
enjoy the next post.

This is damage on wallpaper, I cut another piece out, soaked
the backing, removed left me with a thin layer ,so when i applied to wall, left me with a invisible installation, you can only do this with some papers but nice when you can.

When your leaving your paper to book on a hot day,put it in a bag.

At college we cut with scissors,i have a Japanese pair,i tend to use a metal ruler or single edge razor blade.

I Wrap my wallaper brush and roller in clingfilm.

One tool worth investing in is a beeline pasting machine, once you learn to use theses you can up your game.Will get some photos on and talk a bit about that.