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Wallpapering kit arrived

Is there any more pieces of equipment i could add yes i have a decorating table,now looking for cheap off cuts off wallpaper,then i am off,let the learning begin,whats the best paste,any recommendations on laser levels.

You need a pencil!

Darlic any chance of practising wthi some lining paper in your own house? £10 for a quad roll of 1000 grade in Homebase.

Roller and sleeve also handy for putting paste on. I usually use Beeline or Solvite, but others may have better recommendations.

Honestly, best thing you could do is spend a few days with someone on a wallpapering job, if that’s possible. Have a scout round the videos on YouTube, you should be able to tell whether the person knows what they’re talking about.

But simple cross-lining is the easiest place to start, IMO, and build your confidence (and I am in no way a great paper-hanger).

Keep pressing on :wink:

Oh yeah, see you have a plumb bob but maybe a long spirit level would be less fiddly? Or there’s always a laser level, like you say, if you have the cash.

Whats a good starter off laser level.

Looking on Amazon the cheapest well-reviewed laser is the Bosch Quigo Cross Line for £44. Doesn’t come with a stand though, don’t know how easy it is to get by without one!

Don’t have one myself, a level that is, but I’d imagine they’d be handy!

Darlic, nice bit of sticking kit there! Whats the Gras a lacquer for, I know your a fan but dont be pasting with it, lol

You got an apron?

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Russ must get myself some decorating overhauls,i will get on the case,Andy told me that when he reviewed my website,as for the Gras a lacquer,i am a big fan,the decorators merchants where i buy my stuff now stocks it,he said the feedback’s excellent.

Whats the best wallpaper paste on market,any other recommendations appreciated.

Try Brewers own brand Albany ready mix- yellow top for lining paper and most papers, red top for heavyweights and vinyls. Their blue top wall primer sealer is excellent with quicker drying time than Zinsser gardz , and would totally go with previous advice to get trained/work alongside another on several jobs before hanging patterned paper for a client . It’s rewarding work but it’s a very different skill set from painting!

a bucket a sponge and a meter rule you will need also