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Wallpapering tips needed

(darlic) #21

Going to buy a large sprit level, I suppose it will be a good idear to double check walls for condition before starting.

(dave D9 decor) #22

spirit level and plumb bob essential - yes walls need to be throughly prepped and primed. Allow primer sealer to dry then very lightly denib before hanging paper

(darlic) #23

Whats your favourite primer sealer dave?

(dave D9 decor) #24

For regular, non problematic surfaces Albany wall primer sealer blue top - its quick dry.
For trickier problem surfaces Zinsser Gardz but it takes longer to dry

(darlic) #25

Whats your favourite ready mixed paste Dave.cheers

(darlic) #26

RIght NIce straight cuts thanks for the tip martin ,it took a bit off repition but we got there this switch has been a pain,i am on my 7th attempt found no peace with it yet, look closely at the photo I teared a small bit by cable, I will tell you all how I am doing it ,I am sure there must be a easy way, when the paper go’s over the box ,I make a pin hole in middle then cross with pencil slice l on each corner where I cut,with the white cable I cut one slice so I can tuck underneath box,for the black cable I make a pencil mark on paper then one slice then tuck behind, as for trimming tuck the paper then pencil round then cut with scissors it looks reasonable but I am very picky and I no I can with practise do loads better,over the coming months I will be doing a professional video we are taking photos at the moment and Saturday will be doing some filminig but not on a pro camera ,so we can see when we started ,and see the difference over a couple off months,cheers jason

(pd67) #27

Always clean old paint off any sockets or switches as it enhances your work

(dave D9 decor) #28

Albany range from Brewers or online @ WallpaperDirect

(darlic) #29

Totally agree someone else done it ,but cheers for the tip.

(claytondecorating) #30

I personally use the yellow lid, Albany wallcovering adeshive. It’s the best ready mixed paste I have used to date. Excellent price too.

(Andy Crichton) #31

I’m getting it down to the skirting, but sorry Jason, I am not seeing continuous straight cuts along the top of the skirting. Unless it is the angle of the photo, it is rising from far right to left and then back tight to the skirting after the box. Got to crouch right down and keep the straight edge and cutter consistent.

In general, beware of soft caulk along the skirting/wall joint or small imperfections / bumps at the base of the wall, as these can affect the trueness of your cuts.

(darlic) #32

Thanks Andy I wasn’t happy with the skirting either,theres going to be practise everyday ,and weekends if I am not working.cheers

(dave D9 decor) #33

you may be doing this already but when using metal straight edge and blade, line the straight edge accurately into position - theres no rush! - then move the knife to make the cut. When the knife comes to the end of the straight edge keep the knife exactly where it is - do not lift it away from the cut and carefully move the straight edge along, realign, then continue the cut with the knife. That way you don’t get ‘lifts’ in the cut but keep one continuous cut.

when aligning the straight edge decide which side of it you will cut. e.g. for the skirting board i would have the straight edge aligned and leaning slightly back to the wall, then as Andy says, crouch down and have the knife under the edge i.e. on the skirting board side of the straight edge not the wall side. The reverse is true for your top edge against the cornice. It might sound pernickety but the difference can be that all important critical 1mm especially when matching and cutting into corners.

Get lining paper skills sorted first, both vertical drop and cross lining. Just keep doing what you’re doing, yes its lots of repetition: then around sockets, external and internal corners, and around doors frames. Then master window reveals and the two angled splices above.

Once you’ve mastered lining, handling tools etc. then move on to patterned paper.

Hanging paper is a different skill set to painting - it certainly comes with high expectations from clients and a certain financial risk factor if it goes wrong, but its very rewarding and satisfying work

Good luck!

(Andy Crichton) #34

I see there is a paperhanging course on offer by the PDA part of their recently announced 3000 hours of decorator training courses on offer this year.

I have no personal experience of their courses, it says it will go towards a Level 3 NVQ, which implies it is for decorators who already know somewhat how to hang paper?

(darlic) #35

Thanks Andy,will look into it.

(darlic) #36

Today I have been filming my practice work but having trouble,uploading,would have been nice to hear feedback. Tommorow I am phoning college, to sign up for my diploma 2,and then move on two 3 the specialist side something I really want to master.

(darlic) #37

Whats your oppion off nvq 3,or diploma 3.

(Andy Crichton) #38

I am all for training and learning from wherever and from whoever you can. I have not studied under the NVQ system, I am still clinging on to the old Advanced Craft Certificate for dear life, so I’m not qualified to say if it is good use of your time or not.

The Level 3 according to this Beford college pitch:

On-Site Assessment & Training helps experienced workers get the qualifications to prove that they can do the job, by turning existing skills and experience into a recognised construction qualification. It takes into account the skills you already have so you only need to train toward the things you don’t know how to do, and the whole qualification can be assessed on-site so no work time is lost attending College.

So you will have a trade-recognised qualification going through this process. And depending on your level of experience, it will fill gaps in your craft education, all of which is a good thing.

On the other side, from personal experience, I would say that if you are buying into a system, make sure it is the right system to get you where you want to go. In other words, be aware of the content of the courses you go on - is the content mainly of use and likely to extend you (good), or is it mainly re-ticking boxes leaving you not that much further advanced, (is that best use of your time and money) or is it mainly ticking new boxes that will never apply to your career. (poor and inappropriate use of your time and money)

Everyone should be pushing to bridge their knowledge and skills gaps, but if you want to be the best, don’t default into buying into what the UK industry tells you, or what I tell you, or what your competitors tell you. Everyone in our trade should be highly trained like in Switzerland, indentured like in age old Britain, insured and licensed sort of like everywhere except the UK and promise to be good at all times, but there is no one seat of learning or qualification or independent website like this in the UK that covers all that, so you need to be open minded on your trip to the top.

(darlic) #39

Been practising all this weekend,theres been some gains, straight cuts, and four bags off wallpaper, used, where I am still struggling on is the top cable on the picture cant find anything on youtube except light switches and other difficult pieces to cut around, but there’s plenty off timeAs for cutting around the box I am using the vinyl smoother and knife, getting nice straight cuts, so that cant be bad…the decorating merchants I use, has started to become a asset like this forum,he has passed on a number for a specialist wallpaper hanger,he,s ageed to help at a cost but I think that’s the way forward,when he shows us we will have a video camera so we can record all off his techniques then it will be repition ,after that until next Feb.with plans to start in 2016,on a positive note,we have had our third reapeat customer in eight weeks ,so things are moving in the right direction just need to show patence,as they say when the student is ready the teacher will appear. Cheers.

(darlic) #40

Still struggling but its early days,plenty off patence,please read the above article,the surface is very bumpy along skirting.