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Wallpapering tips needed

(darlic) #41

Found this one today,i was thinking today,I have no intention off working for a company so the college root may be wasted,the only thing I missed was the wallpapering with one to one from a specalist for a few days that’s got to be the way forward I think.

(darlic) #42

What’s the best paper to remove hardened glue from wall, was thinking 100,or 80,cheers

(darlic) #43

<img src=""/uploads/db3391/485/43fb16fa1b2390c9.jpg" width=“669” height=“499”>

(darlic) #44

Apart from water getting into socket its been a very enjoyable weekend, if you see the photos, we have loosened switches and placed plastic sandwich bags over the socket and taped, is there a tape you can use to tape over switches that has a good track record off water not getting in.or is the method were using now the best. The wallpaper has nearly all been removed, but its left a sticky glue on, was thinking off leaving for a few days to dry then sand ,any better idears?as for small scrapers for getting in to small areas any recommendations,i think were getting there its been very enjoyable.

(pd67) #45

I think that’s a great system you’ve got there Darlic. I mainly use 1/12 tape over top edge of sockets with 1/14 of tape sticking to wall/ paper etc that allows water to avoid getting into the back or front of sockets. Reason being, you sometimes get surprises when working in the back of sockets and you aren’t always able to switch off electric.
However I might start the sandwich bag approach. I’m going to start keeping some socket screws in van as well as these come in handy at times.

(darlic) #46

Hi folks got a job painting lining paper, looking for some tips, when inspecting some of the seams looks as if there coming away, bought solvate overlap border adhesive but cant find ,
out drying times so I no when to paint also am aware the emulsion could cause paint to bubble, and lift other seems, I was thinking of using zinerser wallpaper cover up, anyone have
any experience with this product, or gardz the hole lot, if I did that I think I would need to glue down seems first what’s my best option.

(Andy Crichton) #47

Stick down the seams and make sure the wallpaper is as solid as possible. When thoroughly dry, if there is no water damage, apply your ceiling paint of choice. Don’t roll too hard to get that vacuum effect pulling paper down! Careful rolling may cause some bubbling (but I suspect, so would gardz) and bubbles should go back down

(darlic) #48

Some old school wallpaper told me to use a roller to get rid of bubbling any feed back on this.cheers

(chris911) #49

Hi interesting about not taking the radiator off yourself. I wonder how the other decorators on TP tackle the radiator remove and rehang issue.
I wonder if asked how much a plumber would charge?

(Andy Crichton) #50

Radiators aren’t super difficult to remove - usually - but if you do the usual routine and disturb a washer that then leaks, it is down to you. Also there are weird plumbing systems out there and if you don’t know, you can end up plugging the wrong end! As a decorator, dealing with unknown plumbing quirks is not my domain, so I would hook up with a plumber or handyman who knows their onions and pay them for a couple of visits. There are usually some mutual benefits from having an arrangement like that, we all need a hand sometimes and knowing a good plumber like knowing a good decorator is worth its weight.

(markjuk) #51

A lot of the new rad systems have the flexible plastic pipes that allow you to take them off and put back quite easily as long as you take care.

Anything other than these I no longer touch as my insurance doesn’t cover me.

I contacted a local plumber and he removes them and puts them back on for me for £20 per rad. I pass this on to the customer. They can obviously get their own plumber in if they prefer.

My plumber picked up a £1600 bathroom re-fit from one of the jobs on which I got him in to remove rads and I have secured 2 p&d jobs as he now recommends me.

(darlic) #52

Hi folks how do you get a straight cut on ceiling line when the ceiling line isn’t straight, if you caulk you will just cut through with your blade?cheers


Put the paper up, using a rounded blade, I use an old putty knife, mark the paper, pull back and cut with wallpapering scissors, job done!!

(darlic) #54

So you could use a blade and guide it once you have marked?

(darlic) #55

Hi folks if you caulk and when dry wallpaper ,when it comes to cutting paper you going to cut through the caulk how do you get around this .cheers

(Andy Crichton) #56

You are asking how to cut a wavy line tight to the ceiling, and also how to cut safely if you have caulked a line between ceiling and wall?

Neil’s answer covers both situations - A putty knife blade is recommended for making a visible crease. Pull the paper away from the wall till you can use scissors to cut along the mark.

Trimming a wavy line by following a crease with a cutting blade, feasible, but you only get one chance. Making a crease and cutting with scissors you are in charge!

Depending on the paper, ie trial first - on a straight cut over caulk, use a new blade with a delicate touch and change for a new blade after 2 cuts

You could use a flexible tub filler as an alternative to caulk. And still use only very sharp blades and a delicate touch so as not to cut through.

(tehomas ) #57

(darlic) #58

Have you read the book teho?is it a classic?

(darlic) #59

i hope someone is feeling generous with there knowledge today?over chrismas we will be posting videos,of us lining/then later on wallpapering, all feedback good or bad appreciated.We put this on hold,everytime we tried to practise,work kept flooding in so wasn’t possible.
1 with lining paper to smooth overlaps if you have to what grade abranet would you use?
2 Any thoughts,useing 60 grade abranet to sand wall before spraying through airless with dif,this idear of spraying doses work well
3Keeping glue of ceiling,if the ceiling is a flat cheap paint,and not durable,you can see where you have cleaned,off I no there is a tape you
can buy whats it called?
4Whats peoples thoughts using caulk to stick internal corners?
5 Any good wallpaper gels on market think they have discontinued the spray bottle dif blue gel,used to be really good,when you want to remove paper around sockets?
6 Double cut technique whats your thoughts of doing with lining paper?

(Andy Crichton) #60

This post and comments answer a couple of your questions - 1) overlaps and 6) double cuts.

  1. You are suggesting scuffing up the wallpaper with grade 60 abrasive before soaking it? If it doesnt rip the paper into tiny pieces and the water can soak in well behind the paper, why not! Anything other than scoring with a knife, which seems to create much more work, where you end up picking the paper off in tiny bits.

  2. and 5) Leave that to someone else

  3. Caulk sounds a terrible idea to me. Where you have a situation where you need an extra strong adhesive, I would go for a heavy duty heavy paper tub paste. Before you hang the paper, you should make sure edges and corners are in good condition ie flat and smooth, so the wallpaper isn’t undulating over lumps etc.

Have a good Xmas wallpapering :slight_smile: