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Wallpapering tips needed

(dave D9 decor) #61

some thoughts:

  1. If you’re hanging the lining there should be no overlaps. Take time to hang accurately , dont rush it and then spend time sanding back poor hanging/overlaps. motto as always ‘get it right first time’

  2. if you’re pasting the wall this won’t apply but if paste from the paper gets onto ceiling and you dont want to wipe off you could use the Tesa pink tape. But that seems an extreme and fussy way ! Why would you not repaint the ceiling if you are papering/painting the walls…?

  3. caulk is a filler not an adhesive, Use paste

good luck on the lining work.

try the Paste the Wall stuff - its more expensive but will save huge amounts of time. The old materials v labour £££!

And just keep it simple. Its not a complicated job. Focus on a simple, straightforward technique. Don’t complicate it with extraneous materials, tools etc! Keep it simple with precise technique all the way with papering.

(darlic) #62

Cutting around light sockets,swiches,i need some good tips buying a board and going to stick a few swiches on here,to practise with any youtube videos worth watching.cheers

(darlic) #63

Been testing chemicals,tools and techniques,for lining paper removal,very interesting results.I left
the same contact time for all the chemicals,one,
section was sanded abranet ,60,another area,
weak solution of wallpaper adhesive.

(darlic) #64

(darlic) #65

Hi folks whets the best way to remove backing paper on wallpaper roll.What I want to do is use for invisible repair?