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Water Based Primer

I’ve used a fair few adhesion promoting primers over the years with Zinsser 123 and Mythic MP being the best.

The Mythic is a great product but tends to dry a little flat for me which doesn’t help the first topcoat apply easily.

The Zinsser has the slight sheen I’m looking for but can’t rival Mythic for opacity.

I’ve been convinced that no UK manufacturer can top these US made products for performance, until now that is.

I’ve just come across a Johnstone’s Trade product called Ultra Primer. Must admit after buying a litre I wasn’t sure it could match the above products but I was very impressed with the performance.

It looks thick in the can but applied and levelled very well, though I did use a little Zamix Extender in it. Opacity was good, much better than the Zinsser, and it dried with a slight sheen.

When applied on previously oil painted trim adhesion is excellent. With only a light sanding needed.

The whiteness isn’t in Mythic’s league but I had no problem applying one coat of Ultra and one coat of Dulux Trade Diamond Satinwood to an old, discoloured, enamelled radiator and the job was finished.

It’s nice to see UK manufacturers realising the need for these type of products and even better that they are performing as well as this one.

I’m not a fan of Zinsser 123 ( love mythic though), but this is very nice to know re the johnstones. Also picked up a litre of Dulux Diamond satin as have heard very good reports. Still won’t be a patch on my fav sikkens BL Satura … Will let you know how i find it!!

Sorry to add have you tried the sikkens BL primer that in my opinion is the best water base adhesion primer around, big statement , but i’ll stick to it for now.

Yes, I’ve tried the Sikkens BL Primer. Nice product application and levelling wise. I just thought it needed better opacity.

The Diamond Satinwood is a much improved formula. Better opacity, adhesion and feel of the finished product.

Thanks , yes agree re opacity , not too bad on previously painted wood, but not so hot on new. The levelling is very good and locks down particularly well onto oil paint.
Can’t wait to try the diamond but on a oil job the now !!

So, is the Sikkens BL primer still the business then ?
I need to paint a kitchen in the same colour so opacity isn’t an issue but being a novice is, so the better the primer is to assist my lack of skills then the happier I will be - top coats to be water based, Little Green I expect but so far undecided…

It is very good , but wether i’d use on a kitchen…all honestly no!
Use a dedicated adhesion primer , of which they are quite a few, if you search on this here TP homepage , it will soon sort you out, as you are a novice i think? (i’d rule out the zinsser BIN).
Hope this helps let us know how you get on, Baz. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply Baz - I am not a novice, more of a kitchen painting virgin !
I was hoping to be able to use a water based primer (zinsser 123) as my clients are keen not to have anything too smelly, but the more I read the more it seems that Zinsser Coverstain oil based is the most often recommended option - I’ll be taking some paracetamol to work then…!

Lol sorry for thinking you were a novice , me bad!
Mythic primer is a option and no smell, may be worth a try , been using coverstain today and had to stop , fumes are too bad .

Hey, I meant that I am more than a novice - a total beginner to kitchens though I have been slapping magnolia on for a few years…
I am sure I do know a little bit, but would rather come across as a newbie when asking so many questions from folk who clearly know way more than me.
As for Coverstain - yes, I hear you. I am really not looking forward to painting the entire thing in it, but as this is going to be my first kitchen I would rather use products that come totally recommended than something like 123 that has been known to fail at times - my lack of experience needs to be balanced by using the best products in case I don’t prep well enough…
So, anyone prepared to offer any advice on Mythic primer or any others…?

Notice you have another thread running re kitchen paints, and Andy has gave a very detailed reply, so don’t really want to add to this one , other than add prep is the key , go well from the outset and use any of the above mentioned primers you shouldn’t go wrong. I still prefer zinsser BIN, but is really tricky to keep a wet edge and with the fumes etc Mythic MP Primer i’ve had no problems but not in a kitchen enviroment so can’t comment , Andys your man, (or other TP kitchen painters), search the links he provided and see what suits you best , best of luck, baz.