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Water based satin on top of old dark atain

Hi I have to put a water based satin on top of the dark stain like finish in a victorian house.what is it ?all the orginal paint is chipping off to leave a dark looking stain.
Without dipping the door would zinsser bin stick to it? If not what do you recommend?

for me BIN is the very best primer in difficult situations such as this, adhesion and stain blocking is superb, although as most of us know its not the easiest coating to apply. Cover Stain may do it for you?

Whitsons Superior Adhesion Primer is fantastic.!/Whitsons-Superior-Adhesion-Primer-2-5-Litres-10-OFF/p/57392534/category=720372

If you need stain blocking properties too then Colortrend Prime 1 is a great alternative to BIN.


Thanks I rubbed it down well tried BIN and believe it or not it didn’t stick to well. What else is there ?

See above Chris

Hi mark this is more kitchen /furniture ,what else have you used it on?cheers

Hi Jason

The spec on the Whitsons is as follows:

Whitson’s Superior Adhesion Primer was formulated to help our customers refurbish their factory finished kitchen cabinetry and furniture. It is a very binder rich, water based bridging primer made from soya alkyd (a natural product) that sticks hard to varnished timber cabinets that are finished in 2 pack AC and precat sprayed lacquer and also has great adhesion to aged alkyd and polyurethane products i.e. oil gloss, oil eggshell and polyurethane varnish of all sheens.

Field testing has helped us to improve the paint dramatically and we now have improved adhesion for tiles, plastic, foil wraps and melamine. Please note however that this is not a bare wood primer, and it has no special stain blocking abilities. You can use any domestic decorative paint over the top.

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Just a thought but have you considered that the original stain has been waxed over the years and therefore may not take any primer/paint and hence flaking/peeling off. Have you tried Krud Kutter, it is great on wax.

ref wax over stain, try rubbing Meths over surface with a green scourer before applying BIN (i think that advice is in the Zinsser pocketbook)…