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Water-based Trim Paint over old oil paint

I am curious what water based paint systems people are finding best to use over old oil based painted trims and doors, is it still a case of 3 to 4 coats with the first being a adhesion primer or is there now a 2 coat system?

I doubt you’ll find a perfect two coat system. Personally, I use Tikkurilla Helmi with the option of water based primer (Helmi) or oil based primer (Otex) followed by 2/3 finish coats.

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A lot of water based products will adhere to old oil based coatings with good preparation. And almost every hybrid product I’ve tried does.

I just sand the existing finish dull and wipe over with Krud Kutter Gloss Off. Leave for 10 minutes before applying paint.

This won’t work for every product but if you experiment with a few you will soon find a product that does adhere and will cover in 2 coats of topcoat. Some will need a third coat for opacity though.

Mylands Eggshell, F&B Estate Eggshell and Johnstones Aqua will all work this way. I also found the now discontinued Diamond Satinwood always adhered to oil based finishes with minimal preparation.

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I am hearing good reviews on the new Dulux quick dry system, undercoat, gloss and satin. I have used the jonos aqua to good effect similar to you after using gloss off. But the jonos aqua I am finding makes the bristles splay out

Jonno’s Aqua is bad on brushes after a while but it’s a good product if you get a brush cleaning system going.

I’ve used the Aqua and the new QD Gloss from Dulux and find the Dulux product has the edge in finish and application.

Hi Ron
What system do you adopt for brush cleaning when using these new hybrid trim paints especially the Jonos Aqua?

Also what do you guys do as routine for painting over oil based trim paint,
sand to dull, primer, hybrid undercoat and hybrid topcoat or
sand, primer and 2 hybrid top coats or
sand, hybrid undercoat and one hybrid top coat?

is it good to use sugar soap to clean brushes after using waterbased paints and does it work?

Sanded old glosswork down ,then gone
over with krudcutter gloss off,whats the best primer
undercoat system for this isomat gloss?

i would say Benjamin Moore advance is quite common these days

Havent used it but looks a great paint,will give that a try

order from shaw paints

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