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Water stained pine worktop Help Please

I wondered if this question is appropriate here?

I am currently working on a 1970’s kitchen worktop.
Sanding then varnishing.

The section to the rear of the sink has over time become blackened through water damage.
As is quite common the edge of the tiled wall and the raised lip of the sink edge form a shallow “tray” for water to sit in.
I assume when originally fitted the sink unit wasn’t properly sealed when it was seated into the worktop and the water has seeped into the open grain of the pine.

The wood isn’t warped.
The area under the worktop shows signs of damp but no rot of any king and the wood is firm when prodded with a screwdriver.

Is there anything I can use to “bleach” the wood and lighten the stained area before drying and resealing with Varnish?

Any help will be much appreciated.
Thanks for looking,

If you click the newsletter link at the top of the page, on the latest edition there is a reference to this worktop.

It had black water stains all over. The bleaching product to look into is called oxalic acid.

The gloss lacquer is Sadolin PV67 a bartop grade finish.

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Excellent, this is exactly what I was looking for.
This version of Sadolin seems a bit too tough for my application but I’m glad you suggested it as I’ve another job it will be ideal for.
Many thanks,