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Waterbased satin finish compared to oil

Is there any Waterbased satin interior finish now on the market that only needs 2 coats like the oil based satin finishes available?

I use a fair bit of Bedec MSP satin. Good prep on the old surface and the Bedec will do it in two and gives a nice finish if you get it on right and the sheen is nice.

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I think the best low sheen WB finish for interiors, in white, is Mylands Eggshell. It isn’t as shiny as satin but most people are fine with it.
It is a hybrid but suffers none of the brush destroying tendencies of many others of this type.

I don’t use an undercoat or primer with Mylands on existing painted surfaces. Touch up the bare areas with a primer but put the Mylands straight on well prepare work. It will stick, no problem.
If the paint is existing white or slightly discoloured white it should cover in 2 coats.

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I will echo that Ron, i have been using mylands on my woodwork for good while now, although i use bdec aqua advance undercoat and then two eggshell over that.
i find the bedec aqua advance satin is ok but doesent have that nice slip on the hand that mylands does. My sense is that it wouldnt wear so well.
Having used Teknos today for the first time in a colour, i am keen to try out the white as an alternative.

Hi Zen,
Having used the teknos in colour a while ago, and loved it. I was wanting to try the white out too but they use RAL chart and the closest to white they have is more creamy. But I you’ve tried it I’d be interested to know how it worked out?
Thanks, Ben

Hi Ben, sorry for the very late reply but i have only seen this now.
I ordered their white in kristal topp and to be honest it was so translucent that it was practically unusable! So they took a return on it and i ordered it in FnB match of All white. Which has much better coverage…it looks like white to most!

Recently i have been using Zinsser perma white in satin for trim. Which has more flex than the teknos. I noticed that the teknos is brittle and unforgiving to areas that move a little. Just look at the kettle after its dried; it will break easily if you press the plastic kettle about. The Permawhite wont and pretty much matches all the other qualities i liked about Teknos.


Benjamin Moore is great I used to use Mylands but have now switched. I think it’s the nearest to oil you will get.

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