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Wax polish, workshop formulae,

The following is a list of workshop made wax polish’s, that can be used for Internal joinery and furniture, not recommended for external use, as they will not withstand weathering.

Antique Wax.

This is made by adding one ounce of rottenstone to one pint of liquid carnauba and a colouring of Vandyke Brown.
This is a good utility wax, for the restoring of Oak or Mahogany.

Carnauba polish.

This can be used for all kinds of wax polishing, It is made by taking one lb of Carnauba wax, one pound of Ceresine Wax and one pint of Turpentine.
The wax’s are shredded very finely, and placed in a double boiler, the Turpentine is added as soon as the wax’s become liquid.

Should a coloured wax be required, then the use of artist’s tube oil colour can be mixed in, this will enrich the colour of the wood to be waxed.

A quick note on safety concerns, heating any wax product will produce a combustible vapour, more so with Turpentine, only ever do this, in very well ventilated areas, better still, outside.