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We need something that separates us from others?

Hi folks,this is a question going around in my head,at the moment,i can prepare,paint,and work,
clean,and turn up,and care.There are so many painters,how can we separate ourselves from the average,guys,and as clever as possible with it.

I have said many times, “good service goes way beyond a smooth coat of paint” However where a business is run by a craftsman, the emphasis of a business is usually heavily weighted on perfecting and selling the craft side of a business.

But any business owner who can put themselves in the shoes of the customer and look beyond the nuts and bolts of the service they are offering, will tend to go further than those who don’t, can’t or won’t.

That observation is not applicable to just the decorating trade, it seems to apply across the whole business world. Just think of the fantastic local mechanic who is always booked up to the eyeballs, never hits a deadline, never meets the estimate, never tells their customers whats going on etc… How do you think their customers feel?


I know it’s a bit left field, but I had a lot of time for something that Jamie Oliver said, which basically went like this: When he was training he was surrounded by people who had ambition to have top restaurants and win Michelin stars etc. What he wanted, was to make pasta well. I like that, be passionate about the simple things that are in your control and the big stuff will take care of itself.
Be passionate about doing an excellent job, most clients will be thankful and pay, and the other tradesmen - well that suddenly doesn’t matter.