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Wet window

got this window to restore,but the window is damp,was thinking off covering it with plastic to give it a chance to dry out,any idears the putty is sound two beads need replacing ,the wood is quite good,any advice on drying out much appraited,will use sikens rubbol plus and sikens gloss,any any recomendations on fillers,cheers

Anyone tried touprett white glazing putty?

Hi darlic

Protect the cill but DO NOT cover it tightly with polythene or similar as this will cause condensation/sweating and you will degrade the timber even more.
You need air flow to dry the cill out so if you have to cover it make sure that air can ‘flow’ and let it dry naturally, sorry but it will be slow.
Cannot comment on the dec side of things. Hope this small input helps.

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