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What to use?

Just a quick question, what lining paper are you all using at the moment.

I’m doing my house up and having stripped the wall,which are in good condition, I want to put up some lining paper before painting.

Now my old stock of 1000 has all but gone so was looking to pick up some more, but every where I look I see poeple going on about Wallrock.

Never used it myself so was wondering if I really need it as my walls are in good nick and also do you have to use their own paste, some say yes so say any ready mix will do.

Cheers all


Scot sold the convenience of hanging the paste the wall lining option.

Cheers, will have a read.


Brewers stock their own Albany Paste the Wall paper at around £5 a roll - its not Wallrock but its a fantastic time saver to hang -as per link to Scot. Albany ready mix paste - yellow top - very smooth consistency, great results