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Whats the Best Hot Air Gun available & Why please?

Morning all … as the titles says…what’s the best I can get in your opinion?

Same theme as the walls sanding post…I’ve been gifted the renovation of an auction property by an opportunistic daughter!!

Done loads of paint stripping over the years & had great TP advice that has enhanced that a lot.

But given the size of this one, I’d like to get a couple of the best hot air guns & tools I can & so very happy to hear advice & recommendations on a ‘volume strip’ of entire house. Best power tools…best hand tools, approach etc.

Wood fitting are not great condition & so it will be a high quality gloss repaint rather than wood finish.

I have a couple old Bosch units which in fairness have done a very very long shift & seen much better days…I doubt they will see the end of this project. Not sure I will! :wink:

Unusual not to hear anything back from anyone…maybe you all out working for a living :grinning:

Although I did get the Speedheater 1100r which looks the business I will still be using hot air gun in the process. Any opinions or suggestions would be welcome. Many thanks

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HI I have a dewaltheat gun not a bad bit of kit ,until I tryed a heat gun from aldis,that someone I no bought from there.The power difference was noticeable and a lot cheaper. than mine

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Is disturbing and somewhat pleasing when you find a cheapo (more K-Tel & QVC) item and it works as well as something 4 times the price.

Have to say I do read the Aldi emails that give the special buys and I have a HSS drill that came Aldi for mad cheap money that has worked like a Trojan for an age and still refuses to die!

Will keep an eye out for that. Cheers Jason

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