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Whats the best performing paints that can be sprayed

Hi folks, I am looking for a gloss and undercoat,also radiator paint that I can spray, bought the new crown fastflow,undercoat/ gloss but when I checked in book it cant be sprayed, any help much appreciated.

That particular paint from Crown can be sprayed according to the data sheet for gloss

For airless spray (dilution may be required. For further information follow the spray manufacturer’s guidelines

And the primer undercoat also states for Application: Brush, Roller, Spray

Or does your book for your spray gun say it cannot push that paint through?

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From there crown trade product guide, page 42/43 just says roller/brush, on a few of there others it says you can spray, thanks for your help.Must say I have used it with brush ,not that impressed .

Best paints we have sprayed so far manor emulsion,bullseye 123,will add list soon

ALso eico water based gloss sprayed well with good milege.