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Whats your best decorating tips

We all love painting,whats your best tips?

Don’t start work without making a plan - planning means making the most effective use of your time.

Never assume you know the best method - always look for a better way. Identify and eliminate things that stop you doing it better - ie bad tools, bad method. If something isn’t working it’s either the product, the tool or you. Work out which it is and change it.

Cherry pick jobs that you know you will enjoy - if you can’t enjoy a job it’s not worth doing.

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if your lucky to work for nice people its not work your also never done with learning.

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Till check before you go on a job it surprising how much time you waste going shopping?Learning to load a brush and roller ,
and master how to use.Give up on your oli based gloss change to water-based its so much faster as well.Always keep a rag with you when your working,and coin ,or pencil to circle where imperfections are.