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What's your favourite paint?

Well up to now,i would say crown trade,and crown next generation gloss,the gloss really is good product,and sickens for exterior gloss,at the moment i am testing a few paints,to see what suits me best,i am going to try holmans interior paint feelings,and compare against crown trade,to see what difference in finish,there will be,please let us no your favorite paints,keen a mature :smiley: wanting to learn. :smiley:

Interior walls- Tikkurila Optiva Matt 5
Ceiling - Permoglaze white
Woodwork - Sikkens.BL primer then BL Satura

Exterior - Jotun Demidekk range

Hardwood. Sikkens fetool range

interior walls - Little Greene and Fired Earth. if client wants Dulux, then Flat Matt

interior woodwork , was Cover Stain then BL Satura, but this week have fully converted to Mylands primer and acrylic eggshell (Thanks Ron Taylor!!)


[quote]Quote from darlic on December 4, 2013, 21:15
,i am going to try holmans interior paint feelings, and compare against crown trade, to see what difference in finish,there will be[/quote]

The price difference should tell you a lot before you even open up the tins. Tikkurila woodwork finishes are more like opaque lacquers than a “paint”

Hark at Fearghas, he is reeling off the big guns :slight_smile:

I agree that the “Little Greene” group of wall paints is a pretty safe bet, but reports are decs have trouble with coverage with the Shirting white, which is a bit mad.


Honestly Andy I can only buy Dulux, Crown or Tikkurila wall and woodwork paints up here. I would love to buy Little Green, mylands, F&B etc.

I only use the best I can get and my customers know that and are very happy with the results.

Before I realised there was a third option when I was disillusioned with D and C it was a different story, it wasn’t enjoyable.

Now however, yes it’s more expensive, sometimes I have to bite some of the profit but a new painting lease of life is most definitely worth it.

I have never tried little green but will certainly give it a go.

Sikens gloss for exterior door still looks good done two years ago,may have looked even better but i used a cheap undercoat instead of sticking to there system.

For kitchens I would go for Tikkurila Otex and Feelings Semi Matt, nothing to touch it in my view.

Interior hybrid trim paint would be Mylands Eggshell and Gloss. They apply and cover very well. I have heard today that they do a matt trim paint as well, which I wouldn’t mind trying. The Mylands Eggshell is my first choice for this type of work.

For acrylic trim paint I’d probably use Eico Eggshell or Satin now. Opacity is good and application is quick. Don’t use additives or extenders in it as it can alter the sheen and, in the case of XIM, the colour.


Was using crown trade matt,today,i like crown paints in general,and would recommend to anyone,but also impressed with the new formula off dulux trade emulsion.

Hi Ron,

Glad you like the eicó! Are you around at the show on the Wednesday?


Interior - little green, their matt and eggshell is my absolute favourite. I’ve never had a problem with coverage apart from their different shades of white, which I won’t use now. I mainly use Dulux trade unless an alternative is specified by the customer.

I’m currently reviewing the mythic paints range, which has impressed me, it’s a non-toxic paint with zero vocs. Pet and family friendly which is a massive advantage!

Exterior - Johnstone’s pliolite (oil based) is an excellent paint, I haven’t found fault with it yet which is rare, the building in the newsletter I was featured in was done using pliolite.
For exteriors which are lime based, my favourite paint is (wb) Johnstone’s smooth masonry. It’s got excellent coverage and opacity.

For all trim, windows and doors, again I will use a complete Dulux/Sikkens system. Again, I am testing out mythic paints, I’m impressed but time will tell if I pick them more consistently.

Interior/exterior stains, I will only use Sikkens, as for me it’s the perfect professional product.

I could give you an endless list, on reasons why I pick certain paints in different aspects of every job, but that would be too long, so just a short insight into my favourite paints and stains that I use on a daily bases.

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interesting you note LG - I agree their product range and colour palette is superb and with a very accurate tinting process
However I also agree with you re: LG shades of white. We no longer use Little Greene off whites (‘Slaked Lime’ ‘Shirting’ ) nor convert F&B pale whites to LG.

Reasons? earlier this year we were still fourth coating LG paint (using F&B colours Wimborne, Slipper Satin,and Pointing) while the F&B was ok in three! Yet we found the deeper shades using LG were fine e.g. Lime White . Clunch etc or their own 50;s Magnolia etc. and mid tones colours are fine with two coats

I relayed our notes back to local supplier who in turn fed back to LG. Response was they recognise the pale whites such as Shirting may require an additional coat (they take a medium base and tint it lighter(??) its not something they’ve had feedback about before

Last week was the final straw though!
After two large rooms in LGs own ‘Whitening’ taking four coats, we’ve decided to advise clients against LG pale whites.
This week Fired Earth ‘Passion Flower’ did it in 2 superbly

is it really just us - or have others had the same?


I have personally found the LG colour palette is amazing for traditional colour schemes as well as contemporary. There isn’t a colour in the LG colour chart that I dislike and the quality of the paint, gives it that edge over everything else in my opinion.
The issues I’ve had with certain LG - whites, have put me off using them, I’ll get the equivalent mixed into Dulux trade for that.

I’ve noted what you said about F&B paints and I’ve never enjoyed using them. They always seem to need another coat, normally 3-5. They have the most beautiful range of colours but the opacity and quality of paint just isn’t there, it’s very watery I’ve found. For that reason, I get it mixed into Johnstone’s trade, for nearly half the price you are getting double the quality of paint. I tell my customers that specify F&B (as above) that it’s simply not worth the money, as it’ll require extra labour for me to add the extra coat or two! And with using Johnstone’s I give a free 6 month guarantee as I’m that confident nothing will go wrong, which gives the customers an extra piece of security in their mind! (I don’t have to offer anything as I’m not part of DDC or similar scheme but I do it as I’m that confident in the materials and my work.)

I personally haven’t used fired earth paints. It doesn’t seem to be very popular where I live but if the oppertunity came up to use FE, then I would. Would you recommend it, Dave?

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Try eicó Alterior Matt or their Helmatt. They cover superbly and can cover bare plaster in just 2 coats. The pure acrylics and highest spec Titanium Dioxide give you a really high quality paint that can also be colour matched. Message me for further info on these.


Like you I recommend certain paints for certain jobs - it seems each have their strengths and limitations.

Yes I do recommend Fired Earth - I find their emulsion to have great coverage, opacity and durability. A good palette from the 5 or so barely whites, (really…??!) to the taupe range (apparently ex Kelly Hoppen) through to the full colour range with a palette that a client once described as ‘happier’ than F&B!!

For some reason FE doesn’t have the same credibility amongst clients as F&B or LG but I rate it highly enough to have their whole range painted up onto A1 cards for clients to use as samples to assist with colour selection. FE acrylic egg flows out very well although needs a solid primer/undercoat

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Fired Earth do seem to have slipped under the radar. @PCB has been working on an ongoing Fired Earth designed development in Silverstone and obviously was using the Fired Earth eggshell on the kitchens. He said it flowed out really well. How it is for durability, call back in 5 years.


As andy says i found the Fired Earth a nice water based eggshell to work with dries to a nice semi matt finish, agree with Dave really requires a solid undercoat and then 2 top coats. Nice soft brush to lay off my brush of choice would be a Purdy XL Elite Sprig
Durability not sure but not had any problems on kitchens painted over a year ago so far ?

Hi Folks,
Walls, I love little Green and happy with Farrow and Ball Modern emulsion if the client doesent mind a little sheen.
I have been enjoying using the Crown clean extreme and the Dulux Diamond matt is pretty good to.I like Fired Earth to

White cielings i am happy with crown vinyl matt.
Woodwork; Eggshell finish in white Mylands,( Ron Taylor says it all) over Be-Dec aqua advance undercoat. The undercoat flows nice and rubbs nice to, its the best WB i have found for coverage. I have also enjoyed the Fired Earth Eggshell but as it lays on thin would be a bit uncertain regards durability; it feels like painting with emulsionbut finishes nice.
Gloss finish; i discovered Be-Dec Aqua advance, it is the best i have found yet, flows on nice, covers ok and with the second coat of gloss you can achieve a finish almost equivlant to oil based gloss. It is not a hybreed so wont yellow over time, apparently they use castor oil? I had liked the Johnstones Aqua gloss before, but had a tin in the van for a couple of months and noticed that the overspill on the outside of the tin went yellow, which causes me to think in areas of low light it might not last.
Satin finish; the above Be-Dec Aqua advance undercoat, followed by one coat of the Gloss. I tryed their satin but found the finish to touch a little “grabby” similar to Dulux satin. Its a subtle thing but the gloss feels more like an oil. And you dont get the problems with clean up that other hybreeds give.

Exterior wood i love Sandtex Flexi Gloss system, and recently got a mirror finish with Sikkens Satura AZ. I have heard reports of this peeling of cills in sheets though!


That must be a rare report? In the scheme of things, if that paint system fails, there is not much hope for anything else.


The decorating merchant I use recommended to me,will ask what the reports back are.