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Where can you get Big Ben tray liners?

Continuing the discussion from How to make filler dry in damp room:

Just finished a decorating project and ran into a few problems, one being my big Ben tray. Can you buy liners for it, or what’s the best way to clean.

I have asked Wooster the last 2 years, where is this much needed accessory. Still waiting. Check out it is a US product, give you an idea maybe.

I think I asked about liner for the big ben trays a few months ago, still looking for them…

It was here but out of stock

I got mine from MPB a while back, bought quite a few, sorry about that :wink:

If you have old trays that need cleaning put a thickish coat of masonry paint on them and let it dry. You can then peel this out fairly easily and it takes other paint layers with it.

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Carrying over from a discussion on painting tips

what about large clear plastic bags for large Wooster tray, having nightmare getting hold of them…?

You could probably use a bin liner, maybe test a few different sizes to see which one works best. I have used some of the plastic roll in the past if I have run out, worked ok just a bit rough!

Asda do large clear bin liners they fit well and cheap when I get them next time will take photo of big ben tray fitted with liners see what you think,getting hold off big ben liners has been a pain,its not about cost.