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Where to get those little blobs of plastic/silicone to stop doors slamming?

You know those little blobs of clear plastic/silicone that you get with a new kitchen and fix to the inside of the doors to stop them slamming too hard - is there anywhere that sells them on their own ?
Obviously places like Howdens may sell them or might be able to give me a few but there isn’t one close to me, and given the weather I wouldn’t mind finding a place that can send me some - so, any ideas ?

Hi Steve,

There will be a little shop just down the road from you, I think its called B&Q! They have em in there mate, I think they come in packs of 100 for about £7.00

Regards Russ

Fantastic - Many thanks Russ - you are such a source of wisdom !
I have obviously just started my first ever kitchen painting job and will be posting about it in a few days but there may well be a few panic questions over the next few days…
As a teaser, I can say that though it is my first, the previous painter did such a bad job that I can only improve on his/her work - thread to follow in a few days…

Hi guys just finished a complete kitchen refurb and got the silicone blobs from Wickes
best ones I’ve used £3.50 a packet

Nice one bitzz, dont forget to post some pics up!