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Which festool to start with

Hi I’m looking at buying my first festool and I have the option to buy the Rotex Ro 90 240v.
Should I go for it. I have a flexible palm sander already

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i bought the festool stick fix brilliant for sanding and awkward areas,something worth adding to your kit when you get your sander go well.

Are you looking at a sander to use for just woodwork/trim Chris?

what do you recommend mark?

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Hi Jason,

Festool RTS 400 REQ for woodwork, Festool ETS EC 150/3 or 150/5 for walls and Festool RO90 for more aggressive sanding (I mainly use mine on exteriors).


Yes to start with mark. I just invested in the Ro90 I have some windows to sand back ito was on offer so I bought it.

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