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Willis Decorating down to Dorset

Hi All,
Addicted to the forum, I do some things a bit different and had a variety of jobs, hopefully I might be able to contribute towards some questions others may have.

Decorator for 7 years. Level 3 P&D. Always looking to learn something new especially in Decorating that can be tried, tested and put to use.
Had a company in high Wycombe mostly worked around Marlow. 2014 had my son, so 2015 we moved to Poole, Dorset for a more outdoorsy seaside upbringing. Having left an established fast growing business and starting again, it’s a bit of a change. More relaxed style of living down here. Trying alot of the recommended products on my own house and willing customers(once the benefits are explained) . I have always tried to use the best products within the budget and that I know of.

I enjoy reading the kitchen bits on here. Not much of a kitchen painter myself, although I have airless sprayed a solid oak kitchen (bin zinsser, finished in f&b off-white Eggshell).

Look forward to discussing.



Good luck with your new business, fair play for making a big change like that.

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Welcome and looking forward to reading your posts.

Hello Ben. I moved to Dorset myself just before Christmas. Welcome to TP.

Hi Lee,
Where abouts in Dorset are you? We’re just outside Poole.

Hello Ben,
I’m in Dorchester. I was working in Sandbanks recently.

That’s nice, I’ve driven by Dorchester a few times looks nice. Have yet to visit though. Is it nice place to go?
Ooh sandbanks lovely, hopefully I’ll be pricing some plans on a sandbanks job and doing soon.

Dorchester is worth a visit. Historic market town and all that. Lots of pubs and places to eat.
Good luck with your prices.

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Hi Lee

Good luck with the business and welcome!


Thanks Dave, always learning (i think I’m becoming a P&D nerd!).