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Window/Door Frame Pointing Repair

Hello everyone,
Despite all the good weather this summer I’ve only now started a couple of exterior painting jobs, the garage door and frame and the front door and frame. The former has been rubbed down, spot primed and undercoated and is awaiting a fine day for the top coat. The latter has had a good looking at over the years and now it is decision time for patching or replacing the pointing around the frame. Under the watchful eye of my dad we pointed it up and I’ve no doubt the knowledge to do this is still in my head ready for action. However in the decades that have passed new and more appropriate materials and methods may have emerged can you tell me about them?

Hi good evening look at toupret touprelith.cheers

Thanks for that recommendation, reading the information on the Screwfix page seems as though it was made for the job.

Good evening Darlic, I thought that I would post a photo of the repair I made using Toupret Touprelith. I quite pleased and it set fairly quickly and saved opening a bags of sand and cement.

Thanks for the tip.

You should be proud of yourselve,good job,and thanks for posting.

Now looking a bit better with a coat of Sandtex masonry paint, now needs a second coat when the weather allows.