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Wood work preparation to improve adhesion

Apart from the standard rubbing over trims etc with sand paper prior to painting what else is widely being used as part of the prep for previous painted woodwork for the modern water based paints to improve adhesion?

Krudcutter is very good check it out,but if you have a few nibs on paintwork sand out hope that helps,also worth investing in mirka hand kit attached to Henry hoover,you will never look back.

Krud Kutter Gloss Off is a useful belt and braces product, ie after thorough sanding back for smooth base, give it a wipe over, good to go.

Does the gloss off need rinsing off Andy? I have the mirka handy/ extractor setup darlic and it is indeed one of my best investments :slight_smile:

This brings up one of my favourite decorating conundrums. Clean/degloss paintwork, then sand? Or sand first then clean? Does it even make a difference?

For the life of me, I honestly go round in circles. I suspect it makes little difference.

Re Krud Kutter De glosser

I picked up on your question Daz about this and rambled on in this week’s Newsletter.

Cleaning first makes most sense, else you are grinding foreign particulates into the surface. Think a soffit coated in cobwebs, it doesn’t make sense to me to sand that and then clean. Give yourself a clean run first!

The deglossers are fine for keying painted woodwork, but unless the surface is up to standard, you have to denib. In that case, after sanding down, the deglossers can be used as a substitute for a primer/undercoat key coat. I have used them, but they are more of a “thing to have handy” or buy in for a specific job, rather than use as a stock item in the painting process.