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Wooden fencing to paint

Hi folks any recommended system to paint fernce panels?cheers

Better end - contact Holmans for a paint system - something like Teknos, which I think produce great exterior products.
Low end - cut some ronseal and spray it on.
Either way fence painting - I wouldn’t wish on my worse enemy.

One abiding memory of early days of painting was when working on an exterior of a nice stone detached house. The owner said the dreaded words, “While you are here could you just creosote our fence?” My mate never let up with that story, about being on his hands and knees stretching through the undergrowth…

One option is Lacq waterbased “creosote” called Natuleum.

Natuleum is an alternative for creosote or coal tar.
However, thanks to its formulation, it will not harm the environment.
Natuleum can be applied over previous layers of creosote or coal tar.

The samples I saw looked good as did the case study photos.

That looks good.
Still don’t want to paint a fence

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