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Wooster Dust Eater

The Wooster Dust Eater is a large triangular cleaning head that attaches to a Sherlock GT extension pole. Wipe it over dusty walls and ceilings and the sticky “mop” picks up the dust.

I wrote up a couple of posts about it on the blog. It is a good bit of kit, especially if you like to denib walls between coats. A tack rag on speed!

(The dust on the floor was for demonstration purposes!)

I too have the wooster dust muncher and agree good bit of kit and time saving. There is nothing more annoying when rolling out a wall than going over dust residue which you normally cant see until the roller picks it up and leaves blemishes in the finish. You then have to wait for that coat to dry before you can flat out the blemishes, this intern can then cause further problems because of flat spots on the wall causing the final coat to look uneven.

A worthy investment for a few quid


I think a good tip buy the Wooster DustBuster that saves loads off time

My favorite decorating tool looks tired. I used it on a wall i am doing, the dust has stuck to the head. I know you cant wash them. I have been out and given it a shake before I put it back in the bag, thought about using the new axus tag rags to wipe over it. Anyone had experience cleaning theses things, any tips will be very grateful.

They wear out, sadly.

My Wooster Dustbuster looks like its had its life, waiting for a new one.

Boy, these toys are the bees knees. The job i have to do has been replastered. I havent checked as of yet for dust using my finger to wipe over a few areas. It does look clean area. What alternatives if my new Dustbuster dosent arrive on time, soft broom?dusting brush? (Well its a large area that will take a long time.) I do have a Henry with small brush attachment,that’s a no go. Maybe use an axus tag rag maybe the answer, any help appreciated.

Halfords double sided microfibre mit used for polishing cars. Put it on your hand and wipe over the walls. It will do till your replacement wooster arrives

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That’s a good tip! You could also use a microfibre cloth (dampened). The dust eaters are very good, Ive had one for a few years now and although I don’t use it often, its a handy piece of kit to have if your decorating on a regular basis.

[quote]Quote from Prime Decoration on July 18, 2014, 00:31
That’s a good tip! .[/quote]

It is a good one, watch out for the Tip of the Week in this weekend’s newsletter.

try an Emop - one of the best bits of kit ever.

reaches to 1.5 metres and you can take the head off and wash it

This looks like a domestic piece off kit, but will buy one for home use and give it a try,have you been using this everyday, once washed is it just as effective,the dustbuster is a very heavy duty piece I am on my second one and have found it invaluable.

Not every day on the dust eater but every wrk at least and is super light. The microfibre mop attachment is fantastic too, I always have a mop before i start putting my tape down to mask and as you just use it with a drop of water re it’s extremely good at cleaning invisible grime away

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