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Wooster laying off brushes

Hi all

What brush are people using to replace the Wooster flawless that is no longer around ? I am looking at using the Wooster Chinex 3 inch to apply the paint. I did read that you can use a wooster micro plush roller to achieve a good finish without laying off but that is probably in the hands of a pro with years of experience.

   thanks Roy

Try these. Bear in mind the paint has to flow else no brush can help much :grinning:

I agree with andy on this its all about product selection,a proper sealed surface makes all the difference,when the timber merchant opens I will do some samples,and post results?What would be your favorite primer/sealer if you wanted to achieve a brushless finish and why?

At TP Tikkurila Otex is still the standard for a high quality oil basecoat where you need body and adhesion.

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