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Work boots/clothing,tools you wouldnt be without

Hi folks what work boots clothing,or tools do you recommend.

Hi folk I Like dickies joggers and sketcher, work trainers.

Work shoes, although i do like my sketchers ,i do have others, I add ultra absorb insole to give them extra comfort, works well, important when your on your feet all day.

Extra comfy feet
Scholl gel insoles
Right sock selection
Sock selection pays an important part, try it.
Lets move onto thermals
I recommend made in England thermals, there super comfortable and keep you warm, and manufactured here in uk.

Hi folks looking for some pukka thermal socks look at octave men’s extra warm thermal socks. Looking to buy some boots, quiet keen on the m59 Swedish boots, with theses you have to use two pairs of socks, with the boots, there plenty of space so, room for nice insole.Combined with the socks,would be a nice combination. The build quality is amazing, but heavy but you cant have everything.

Next part shoe polishing.
Cleaning /polishing/polishes’ to use
Whether your going for a job interview or price a job,its nice to have shiny shoes, on here we will show you how to acheive a mirror finish, by building up layers.

Providing there’s no mud i use a brush,theres no set amount of coats i buid up untill i get a good enough shine.I wrap a wet cloth around my finger dip in polish then work into areas,i also use a selvt cloth.i even use on watch straps just make sure you remove polish.More to follow

M59 Sweden army boots, known as Volvo of boot world. At the moment reconditioning them, talk more later on that.I put insoles in to make them super comfortable,also,lots of space so room for thick comfy sock.Put them on, super comfortable,and,legings to go with them.

Ten mile walk ,they seemed heavy,by the time the day was over, but still my favourite, boot, Very well constucted,solid boots,Next ones my german para boots.