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Work wanted

Hi i am keen,hardworking,honest,looking for Friday,Saturday work in surrey, area have own transport,some tools,don’t mind what i do just keen to get chance to gain some work experience in industry.Thanks darlic.

To add some meat to the bones of your work request, take a leaf out of this competition and write up a blog / article about a project you have done, and explain what the brief was, what products and tools you used, issues you faced, how you solved the issues. Send it me or post it here on the forum and I will make sure it is read and you get noticed.

A blog on those lines is a fairly simple but effective way to set you apart from the rest who are job hunting. Good luck. If you are on Level 1 or 2 P&D course and submit 3 blog articles by end of October, you might even win a £299 Erecta Rack



Thanks Andy i will try to get around to it tomorrow night.I have done a couple of projects and helped zenpaints on here for a day he was very good,his attention to detail was excellent,learned few lessons from him in that day.Just looking to build on it now get my hands whiethered.

Two jobs come to mind,the first was painting my sons bedroom,at that point i had no experience at all,or knowledge of paints and experience in problem solving,after i had lightly sanded the walls and dusted,applied emulsion as i was painting i noticed the old paint lifting off,the person who painted room before me must have painted on a unstable surface,fragile surface,i phoned up dulux and got there advice they recommended dulux sealer if i can remember right it solved the problem had very strong smell but gave the walls a good base to work on.The other experience was on a friends house when asked to paint being new house thought it would be easier than a old house this was a long time ago,when i applied the emulsion the lining paper bubbled up it wasnt good because it was a friends house didnt want to look like a cowboy,after period of time the bubbles went down i think i cut stuck down the the remaining air bubbles but problem solved.

I spent a day with zen paints hes on this forum i learned a few things from him,his attention to detail was superb,when i was working on a job he took over from previous,decorator i said to him the paint is grinning through where they had painted.He said your picking up the language quick also i have learned not to critise other people work lesson number1.When cleaning the brushes i spin them at the end he said to shake them up and down something he had only learned recentlylesson2.As we started to apply sealer on bare walls he showed me what distemper looked like and what to use to seal it,and how to apply going around with sponge making sure sealer didnt go on woodwork or ceiling his attention to detail was bang on lesson3.When it came to lining he said it was months before his teacher trusted him to have a go lesson 4 patience, razor focus needed,i was picking up offcuts to keep the area tidy.He said about he only uses ready mixed size,how to fold lining paper correctly,To be very careful when folding,avoid finger marks,also he didnt use sprit level or bob line where to start he said you didn’t need to with lining paper,showed us measure ,good tip with scissors,could go on but a day well spent.

Building a portfolio of my work on twitter,haven’t been able to work out how to put photos on here,or i would have not very computer minded,but an excellent website.

My twitter name is jason@learner42,would be nice to have feedback,i will update daily,please check it out all my photos of projects i have done will be on there.